How To Limit Noise in a Home Recording Studio

Today, due to technological advancement, it has become very easy to set up a home recording studio. However, room noise can be a distraction and affect the quality of the recording. Here are some ways you can reduce room noise.

Choose the best sounding room in the house

You should first choose the best-sounding room in the house for recording. The room shouldn’t necessarily be dead but must have pleasant characteristics. This means that the room must be without flutter echoes and frequency buildups.

To find such a room, you need to visit the various rooms in the house and clap your hands to hear the echoes. If you hear the sound back, then it will affect your recording. So, avoid such rooms. Then say ‘haaa’ with some force and hear how the room reacts.

If it doesn’t echo, then it’s the perfect sport for recording. Also, don’t choose a room where the window is beside a busy road because you will get a lot of noise.

Do room treatment

You should buy acoustic treatments and place them in the room. You can also build your acoustic treatment using fiberglass, wood panels, and fabric. You can hire people to do the treatment for you. This all depends on your budget and ability.

Unplug electronics

If you have electronics like a refrigerator or air conditioner in the room that makes a noise, then turn them off when recording music. These noises will distract you and result in a poor recording.

Take the mic closer

When recording music, makes sure that the mic is close to you. That way the sound will be good. The room noise will not be heard in the recording then. So, your recording will be clear. You should buy a good quality mic so that the sound turns out to be clear.

These are the steps you can take to reduce room noise while recording. These simple techniques can ensure good quality recording from a home studio.

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