6 Challenges You Can Take During Music Production

Music production today has a lot of possibilities. The production software allows the musicians to explore the field as they want. Here are some challenges you can take up to make music production more productive.

Apply single synths for all

You should have a strong understanding of synthesis. This lets you produce sounds that are in your head. You won’t need to use the presets. You can produce the track using one editable patch. You should use a single synthesiser to produce music.

Use found sound

You can try producing a track using just Foley and found sound. You can use the freesound or similar libraries to get a recording. You can record in your home as well. It is better to keep the sound selection within ten and twenty short recordings.

Play live

Play live without making any additional adjustments. That way you will get a natural swing to the music and that will make your music stand apart. You might not get good results in the first few tries, but afterward, it will be better. This way you will have more confidence in your creativity.

Change the speed

You should explore the tempos in the DAW. You can drag the tempo up or down by 15-20 BPM. This way you can change your old project into something new and different.

Reverse the process

There is a certain process of making music. Usually, it starts with the drums, then baseline is added. After that come the chords and melodies. If you want to try something different and challenge yourself, then you can reverse this process. This will bring you out of your comfort zone and you can create something better.

Finish music production within a short time

You can challenge yourself by trying to produce music within one hour. If you can allocate proper timing for each stage of music production, then this is possible. You will do better working under a time constraint.

These simple challenges will bring out the best in you. This way you can explore the music production process better and be more creative.

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